Services Utilised
  • 3D Modelling
  • Texturing
  • UV Creation
  • Rendering
The Projects

F1 teams are well known for their engineering prowess, however highly complex CAD models are not suitable for marketing purposes. Seeing the work we previously completed for Renault F1 Team, Alpine enlisted the help of FDG to develop a more flexible photorealistic solution to allow them the ability to showcase the car. The results were detailed 3D models of the Car to be used in Livery Design as well as a digital asset able to be deployed in both static and animated media.

The Relationship

FDG are essentially problem solvers, and that’s how the relationship with Alpine Formula 1 began. By designing and creating a flexible marketing solution that would allow concept liveries to be viewed and promote sponsorship opportunities, FDG have saved Alpine Formula 1 valuable time and resource.