Services Utilised
  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • 3D modelling & animation
The Projects

FDG’s first project for Maytech was the creation of their brand, quickly followed by a website design. With more than capable in-house developers of their own, Maytech required the creative flair of FDG to produce a modern, clean and intuitive website design that included video content to help explain their proposition.

A simple ‘freehand’ style animation enforces the easy-to-use simplicity of a technically advanced product offering. Using animation, even the most complicated processes can be broken down into simple easy to follow steps, which can be easily digested by an audience. Concepts, scripts, voice over and animation were all developed by FDG’s in-house creative teams.

The Relationship

FDG’s relationship with Maytech goes back a number of years. Having previously created the new Maytech brand, FDG were the obvious choice when Maytech wanted a revised look and feel for their website, and to launch their product FTP-Stream. FTP Stream allows the secure transfer of large files and sharing of confidential data with customers and partners using FTP, SFTP or a web browser.

“The animation brings our service alive, communicating it in a clear and fun way and identifies with relevant business issues, showing how ftp-stream can solve them. We are delighted with it.”
John Lynch, Maytech