Who are FDG...

We are an award winning, Creative,

Brand, and Marketing Agency

that gets people talking...


It has been said that if everyone’s thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking.

FDG are true creative thinkers; defining brands and solving business challenges with creative solutions.


Your brand is not a logo, it’s your reputation. It’s not just what you say about yourself, but the stories that others tell about you.

FDG take brands from concept through strategic development and deployment to create relevant, unique and compelling customer experiences.


Today’s markets are incredibly noisy, and changing hearts and minds takes time.

FDG helps clients break through the noise, creating ideas and solutions that add value, engage audiences and increase brand awareness.


Nestling in the vibrant county town of Dorking and by the River Thames in London, FDG is a small but perfectly formed full service agency that creates engaging ideas and solutions across multiple industry sectors.

From fashion to Formula 1 and everything in between, we’ve experienced it all. And we’re still hungry for more.

We are award winning creative thinkers, specialists and collaborative problem solvers who work with clients that wish to develop and maintain a strong partner relationship with their creative marketing agency.

Our aim is to help you communicate with those audiences that make a real difference to your business.

  • Internet and Social Media

    Today’s web savvy audience dictates when and how it interacts with brands, which means websites need to meet these expectations. FDG’s designers and Microsoft certified developers will work alongside you and your teams to develop a strategic and creative plan for your web presence and communication objectives.

  • Video, Animation and Motion Graphics

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, just think of the value of moving pictures. From product and process simulations, virals, logo stings, and stunning motion graphics sequences, FDG’s award winning team can take you from initial concepts to final production.

  • Creative Design and Art Direction

    FDG’s creative team specialise in bringing brands to life, by combining words and images to create inspiring visuals, infographics and interactive experiences.

  • 3D Design and Visualisations

    To bring an idea to reality takes vision. From abstract to photorealistic, FDG’s designers can bring your vision to life before the truly hard work begins. Architectural renderings, vehicle and product visualisations and process simulations are all possible…the only limit is your imagination.