News - Mi SWACO animation

FDG bring solutions to life through 3D visualisations

FDG’s established relationship with marketing consultancy Turner Marketing has seen FDG’s involvement in many 3D conceptual applications. When Turner Marketing’s long-term client M-I SWACO, a successful global company in the oil and gas sector required a solution to help clients visualise and understand how efficiently their products worked, they came back to FDG for a solution.

FDG designed and build an on-screen interactive 3D environment incorporating 3D models with interactive working parts. The user can step into the shoes of an operator and influence the results of the products by their actions, thus translating effectively the processes offered by M-I SWACO’s technology.

Each product application sits within a group application that can be updated with a new addition. This provides M-I SWACO’s marketing and sales force an effective and up-to-date sales application.