News - Tips for 2014

5 top tips for 2014

There are many opinions surfacing regarding marketing and creative trends for 2014, however at FDG we believe all these can all be summarised in one word… engagement.

Engagement is essential for customer acquisition and retention. Relationships serve as the foundation for everything, whether grown through traditional or digital media. The reminder that we’re reaching out to people, and not just audiences should also keep us on a path to relevance.

With this in mind, FDG has gazed into its crystal ball and provided 5 top tips for 2014.

  1. Define and agree a marketing strategy.
    Without a sound strategy in place, marketing initiatives tend to become adhoc whims that are difficult to measure and have limited impact.
  2. Ensure ‘content’ forms a significant part of your new marketing strategy.
    Content marketing and social media will drive more traffic to your website than SEO alone.
  3. Embrace the effectiveness of video and animation as powerful easy-to-digest content.
    We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and moving pictures more so. 2013 was the year of photo-sharing and, in the same vein, the popularity of video and animation will grow throughout 2014.
  4. Integration.
    Integrating content across multiple channels will be essential in 2014. Individual channels should stop being viewed in isolation, and instead be seen as a single entity with which to reach out to consumers.
  5. First impressions count.
    Consistency across all brand touch points from presentations, website(s), brochures and video is crucial in creating and managing a professional appearance.

FDG looks forward to helping you make the most of the opportunities 2014 undoubtedly will bring, and continue communicating with those audiences that make a real differences to your business.